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Let them eat toilet paper - 16x16 Canvas Print

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Commemorate the great toilet paper wars of 2020 with this pop art canvas print by Lily Godfrey, inspired by Banksy.

When a pandemic threatened to tear apart the very fabric of society and threatened the lives of millions of human beings the world over, citizens fought over that which they deemed most important: toilet paper. There is no world worth living in without this most vital of human necessity, and for that we battled bitterly for our own shares and scuttled piles of rolls away in our shopping carts to hoard them in our basements and pantries. Friends and family turned into overnight foes as those who did battle and emerged victorious from the fields of Costco were awarded the right to look down in contempt on the wretched humans who failed, and thus must wipe their own posteriors with inferior 1-ply or when truly desperate, old socks who have lost their mates. In the face of impending doom, we humans have shown what we truly hold dear and that says a lot about us as a species.

Canvas is 16"x16".